SQL Problem

Hi there!

I am working for a client and they have two tables:

pet_species (ID, type_id, name)
pet_types (ID, name)

What I need is to get all pet_species from the table and then their pet type by joining via the type_id. That bit I can easily do with the following:

SELECT pet_species.ID, pet_species.name, pet_types.name FROM pet_species
INNER JOIN pet_types ON pet_types.ID = pet_species.type_id

But I also need to get pet_types which have no pet_species link. Is it possible to merge these two use cases together into one single SQL?

classic LEFT OUTER JOIN problem

SELECT pet_types.name 
     , pet_species.ID
     , pet_species.name
  FROM pet_types
  JOIN pet_species 
    ON pet_species.type_id = pet_types.ID