SQL, PHP and Highcharts

Hey guys I’m developing a web app which allows the user, once logged in , to create their own highchart in the front end. At the moment i have something really tacky which lets the user select a sensor name from a dropdown, and stores the sensor names selected in a custom chart table. This basically stores strings of the field names which is then executed in another query to produce the chart. I know its not the best way of doing it , and I’m facing problems such as null values because users might not select all sensors.Also there can only be a fixed amount of sensors to correlate with the array properly. I’m just wondering is there an easier way the user can create their own multiple graphs on the front end which can be saved to a template or DB ? Any help would be great, been busting my head on this one!

Table examples:
Custom Chart table
Data table

PHP Code
HTML & JS Code

Front End Example:
Unit and Sensor GUI

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