SQL Bones, what is happening underneath?

I was thinking, say we have the following SQL table called “DemoTable” :

id row
** ***
1  One
2  Two
3  Three
4  Four
5  Five
6  Six
7  Severn
8  Eight

and say we have the following php array called demoArray:

demoArray[0] = "One";
demoArray[1] = "Two";
demoArray[2] = "Three";
demoArray[3] = "Four";
demoArray[4] = "Five";
demoArray[5] = "Six";
demoArray[6] = "Severn";
demoArray[7] = "Eight";

Say we want to get Four from demoArray, you can call demoArray[3] and it gets the contents straight from it. But say you wanted to get Four from DemoTable, if you say:

SELECT row FROM DemoTable WHERE id=4;

Does sql go directly to the row where id=4 or does it have to itterate through all the rows to find it?

In other words, if you had a table that was 1,000,000 rows long in the same format as DemoTable, and you wanted to get Five Hundred Thousand, would it take the same time as getting Four?


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Thanks r937, I knew if anyone would know it would be you :slight_smile:

if there’s an index on that column, yes

if there’s an index on that column, yes