SQL Access with VBS

Iam new to SQL databases and I just want to have a simple Access to my database. The Problem is that I cant find any useful information (or code) how to connect to my SQL server in VBS 2012 Express.
I would be very happy if anyone could post the code here.

Just to make sure that I understanding this whole thing correctly…

Do you want to access your database? Just look at the tables and queries saved there? or do you want to use Microsoft Access to view the tables and queries of your database, stored using any other type of database?

If you only want to do something simple and view data, create queries and do one or two reports from printing and you don’t have experience with databases, maybe Microsoft Access may be enough for you. You can even create your own macros in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

Now, if you have to do a report and that will be loaded into a report server, then Visual Studio may be a better option.

But in order to guide you properly, I need you to explain a bit better too :slight_smile: