Spun Text Generaotr

Hi pals , I need a particular script for spun text generation:

We need to create a script that will generate a spun text using the data entered by the user, it can use JS/Ajax to make it user friendly. below you will see how the script will look like, you can add options if needed… A spun text has the following style : {Hello|good afternoon}{how are you|how things are going}.So this script will allow the user to create addition fields and will add automatically at the output stage the “|” and the “{” and “}” signs.
The purpose of this script is to have a spun text that we can integrate in another tool which will generate many articles automatically with less duplication.

The script will have forms divided into :
Sentence 1
Sentence 1-1
Sentence 1-2
Sentence 1-3

Sentence 2
Sentence 2-1
Sentence 2-2
Sentence 2-3
Sentence 2-4

Sentence 1
Sentence 1-1
Sentence 1-2
Sentence 1-3
Sentence 1-4
Sentence 1-5

The user can click on a button to create an additional Block (Paragraph) where he can enter his sentences. Note that Sentence 1 is the original sentence and Sentence 1-1, Sentence 1-2… are alternatives to Sentence 1.
The script will have a button “Generate Spun Article” , by clicking on this button , the script will organize the content like the following according to previous example :
{Sentence 1| Sentence 1-1 | Sentence 1-2| Sentence 1-3}{Sentence 2| Sentence 2-2| Sentence 2-3| Sentence 2-4}
{Sentence 1| Sentence 1-1 | Sentence 1-2| Sentence 1-3| Sentence 1-4| Sentence 1-5}


  • Sentence 1 of Paragraph1 is different from sentence 1 of Paragraph 2. it is provided in this fashion to simplify the things. but when coding it has to have a different id
  • From an article to another we may have different numbers of paragraphs and sentences as well, so here the script will have to generate a new field by a simple click of the user on a button
  • Sentences are separated by Pipes: “|”
  • A group of sentences compose a Paragraph, the paragraph starts with “{” and ends with “}”
  • the “+ Sentence” will generate an additional sentence field for that paragraph
  • the “+ SubSentence” will generate an additional sub sentence for the main sentence
  • The “+ Paragraph” will generate a new Paragraph.
    in other words we have 3 levels : Paragraph, Sentences and Sub-Sentences

Let’s take and example and see how the script looks

Simple Example of Articles : This has 3 paragraphs with first paragraph having 2 sentences :
I eat banana everyday. It is the best fruit ever

I like eating fruits in the morning.

they are good for health

I attach the design of that concept as txt file (HTML source), Please refer it and give me a solution ASAP.

please find the attachment here :


So… what have you coded up so far?

The attachment has been approved, so the code should be visible now.

So you are requesting a script??

yes , I need that script or idea to do that script.


Sorry, but this isn’t a place where you get your work done for free. If you want to pay someone to write the code for you then you can advertise in the marketplace. Otherwise, you’re relying on people’s goodwill and generosity, and that very rarely extends to doing a complete job from start to finish. If you make a start and show that you’ve put some effort in, you might find people are happy to help you fix it and improve it, but if you’ve done nothing, why should anyone else?

Hi Stevie,
Thanks for your Reply :wink: , I am actually not looking to work done by you or any SEO GURU (they cannot do it any way!), I need
the help of actual developers how it can do , through pseudo code. A good attitude programmer can advise me I am Sure.

I’ll imagine English is not your native tongue, and just this once use this to explain that you seem to be making a personal attack on someone who is highly valued in this community. Please take great care in replying to the free advice you are being offered here.

If we even get the hint you expect us to work for you for nothing - then we will stay away from your requests.

How about you store your sentences in arrays and run [fphp]array_rand[/fphp] on those arrays?

Thanks Cups for your gentle reply … Actually I request all your pardon, I will post my solution here for refer future people , because I believe knowledge and ideas are not need to hidden , we gather here to share and enjoy be happy and excuse me for my words before :slight_smile:


You have won friends :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on.

Hi Friends , At last i implement it (version 1.0 :D) , As I promise I attach the code , you can improve it and make it more powerful as you wish.
I attach the code as zip below. But the Copy to clipboard functionality not work as expected it use Zclip (http://www.steamdev.com/zclip/#download),
If any one have successful history pls work on it and repost for our future members…

Download here :

For your help thanks alot

Anes :wink: