Sprinting the 100 meter over 40


Any track athletes here over 40 years old?

I can not prepare my muscles and ligaments enough, to avoid discomfort that could lead to a blowout.

Question: As a percentage, how good do your body parts have to be, for you to do 100% sprint effort training?

E.g., the back of my right knee needs to be 80%, before I go sprinting.


Gym rat energy, and championship priorities are good, it’s the old age factor that is the biggest obstacle.


I can have a 1litre jug of water that is 80% full as that is 800ml.

If my knee is 80% good what does that mean? It’s impossible to quantify. One persons muscle fibres and ligaments are completely different to someone else.

Only you know your body. If it hurts stop doing it as that is your body telling you something. If i were you i’d look at building up muscle in the legs in a non-impact way first so there is plenty of muscle to hold and support the joint and look at your diet to ensure you getting enough builidng blocks for muscle and bone, but i am certainly not medically trained that is just an opinion based on bits i’ve read and some sort of logic.



You would probably get a better response asking in an athletics forum …


That is a great answer. Sounds like you could train someone in my shoes. Am I right?

Building muscles in a non-impact way and proper diet are my priorities.

You get my vote, for community topic reply of the year.


Ha i don’t think i am anywhere near qualified to train anybody. Purely my thoughts based on bits and pieces i’ve picked up over the years.

If you have a bike i would guess that is a good way of building muscle with less impact on joints as well as squats and swimming.

best of luck