Spreading Backlinks around

Does anyone use static sites for creating backlinks to their Blog? The reason I ask is that I have a few non-performing domains that I thought I would use to spread out my Anchor Texts back to my main blog.

Thanks for any comments!

It all comes down to whether it’s spammy or not. If you’re creating blogs on these other sites just to gain backlinks then you’re probably not writing quality content and taking the time to make sure real users are reading your articles. Those would be spammy blogs and are generally recognized as such by Google.

On the other hand, if you’re going to create useful auxiliary websites and augment your main website with the traffic and content, then that’s a great idea. Just keep in mind that this is a ton of work because you’ll be running real websites and not just a spammy blog.

Another blog just for backlinks? I wouldn’t do it. It’s too time consuming and I think there are better ways to spend your time. Sell, park, or get rid of non performing domains and I would just concentrate working on my main blog.

I try to work for that idea, thanks for sharing

It too hard to keep up on multiple websites, rather than focusing one one or two with quality content. It’s easier and less time consuming to get quality backlinks the right way. Tedious, but so is trying to manage muliple sites/blogs.

I couldn’t agree more!

Noooo. No spammy sites by me.

What I started to do is take the sites and add about 5 unique pages of content focussed on about 20-30 long-tail keyword phrases. The goal is to achieve $5 a day. Maintenance is the easy part; once it is setup I leave it alone. I do have a more secret system embedded but what I have discovered is that I have available backlinking potential.

Long-term I check it once a month and when I start getting alerts that the domain needs to be re-newed. If it has made 3 times its renewal value then I will keep it, if not it goes bye-bye.

Well, no problem in linking your blog with your sites and will benefit to you if your sites and blogs are relavant to each other. Also, it will be good if your sites hosted on different IPs with different owner information.

Yea that’s not a problem. I have 16 different IP addresses with my hosting service.

That all sounds great as long as your commitment is to the user. There’s nothing illegal about creating websites for the sake of generating links but it’s still manipulation and wrong. If your other websites are actually providing value to a user who stumbles across them then it sounds like you’re on the right track.

Absolutely. Each site can and does stand on its own. I am just going to inject a random text link back to my site once & a while. Then each month I will inject a different text link on another site and do the rotation like that. Ever so slowly. All of the static sites are the same niche. My logic is to increase the number of long tails pointing to my main blog. Hopefully, these sites will pass the traffic on to the blog if not then the text link will aide in the backlink strength.

I don’t think its a good idea to create static site just to get link…the static site will never get a good PR and ultimately the backlink will not be a quality one…and also as member said it feels spammy!

it don’t make it sense that u want more backlinks on static page!!!It is ridiculous methodology dude. What site r u manage now?

depending, if you use software to update those blogs, etc… though it could get you in trouble with google.

Creating static site just for having some backlinks will be too time consuming, you should not do it, rather concentrate on getting backlinks from the other relative websites with good content on them, that will be much easier to obtain.

These kind of black hat techniques will definitely spoil our image in the eyes of Google and thus its always necessary to apply generic methods for your site.

It Would probably just be a waste of time.