Spread sheet issues-vertcal align not working using php

hi all

please check the attached image .Can anyone know about how can I generate
text in vertical style in spreadsheet using pear as it is shown in the attached image.

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hi all

I need to show the text in vertical style using pear in php

any one done this kind of subject?



I don’t use PEAR for creating Excel spreadsheet but directly xhtml code with header like “application/excel” and <style> balise which permit a lot of configuration for recent excel software versions.

If it can help …

tried below code but not getting text in vertical style in Excel using pear spreadsheet package
please help me to solve.if any one want to use you may try to use pear spreadsheet package.

// Include PEAR::Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer 
require_once "Writer.php"; 

// Create an instance 
$xls =& new Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer(); 
$sheetTitleFormat =& $xls->addFormat(array('bold'=>1,
//$sheetTitleFormat=& $xls->addFormat(array('vAlign'=>'vcenter'));

// Send HTTP headers to tell the browser what's coming 

// Add a worksheet to the file, returning an object to add data to 
$sheet =& $xls->addWorksheet('Binary Count'); 

// Write some numbers 
for ( $i=2;$i<11;$i++ ) { 
$row= $row+1;

 // Use PHP's decbin() function to convert integer to binary 

// Finish the spreadsheet, dumping it to the browser