Sports Site Integration /w Social Sites

I created a web application which allows users to create cheat sheets for various fantasy sports. Each configurable cheat sheet includes a collection of players and information about each player that may be useful in ranking them (statistics, configurable notes, experience level, etc).

I’m looking to integrate some social networking sites into my cheat sheets and looking for any ideas on how to make this useful to the user (and to monetize it if possible). My first idea is to simply provide links in each ‘player template’ which would open a new page with the respctive player’s Twitter/Facebook page. Outside of that I really have no clue how to make use of the data.

I know that Twitter has an API where I could maybe read the ‘Last X’ tweets for a particular player and display them on my site somewhere, but outside of that I really have no clue how to make this data most useful.

Any ideas?

Can you please explain about your application a bit more?

Sure, my application is used to create fantasy football cheat sheets online using drag and drop. A cheat sheet is just a glorified player ranking sheet that owners use to pick players at their fantasy draft. Serious fantasy players spend lots of time to develop their rankings so my site is a free resource to make that an easy process.

What people like about the application is that it incorporates lots of useful information into the cheat sheet itself so that users don’t have to leave the site. For instance, each ‘player template’ that you can drag around includes:

  • Player Info
  • Rankings from 3 other sources
  • Bye Week
  • Important Statistics
  • Configurable tags
  • A Configurable note
  • ect

I want to start integrating some social media aspects into the application, and monetize them if possible. Since my original post I have started using Twitterizer to pull the most recent tweets from each player and display them in a new window if the user clicks on a ‘Twittter’ button (still in development). But beyond that I’m still looking for ways to socialize/monetize the application.

You can see a demo here. Just click on ‘My Player Rankings’ to see the application in action.