Spooler Subsystem App stopped working error no printer installed

I am getting spooler subsystem App stopped working error again and again without doing anything. I donot have any printer installed on my laptop I am using Vista. How do I stop this error none of the things on the net are working. This started happening after a virus attacked my pc.

can someone please help me

Do a thorough antivirus and antimalware scan. Some malware can cause this symptom.

IF your computer is really clean and you still getting the error… that’s a bad symptom. Either there’s some tiny piece left of the virus in your computer or the virus corrupted some files. If there’s file corruption, you would have to re-install again and I’d personally would format the pc and re-install Windows.

Still, I would first try to re-clean my pc with an online anti-virus (panda or kapersky have a free online antivirus software)

If there’s a piece of the virus, it would be good to use some other tools to try to clean the annoying pieces of code that were left: CCleaner to know that’s there’s nothing in the registry, AdWare to make sure that you have none in your computer and superantispyware to take care of the rest.