Splitting Email Address based on character width

I have an array of email addresses from a database. Some are short, some are unnecessarily long. Which method would be best to <br /> when a specific character length in the email address is too long? I have one email address that fifty characters (please don’t ask me why).

Any suggestions?

wordwrap($email, 40, ‘<br />’);


echo wordwrap($row_getExecBoard[‘email’],20, ‘<br />’);

and it didn’t break the email address.

No error messages. Just the same email address in the same size.

Thanks though.

Oops, sorry, try with a forth param:

echo wordwrap($row_getExecBoard[‘email’],20, ‘<br />’, true);

ooooo…that worked nice. If ‘true’ is not inserted, is it automatically false by default?

For that specific parameter of that function, yes. See http://uk3.php.net/word_wrap

Thank you!