Splitting design and development into 2 sections

I am developing a website and have made several mock ups. I plan on hiring a designer first to do the layout (javascript, jsp, ajax etc. ) and developer after the design of the website is completed, so they can see the code and what needs to go where.
Or is it better for 1 person to do the whole thing.

What are the pros and cons of doing this?


In my opinion, you are right to do the design first. The design is the end-product: it’s what the customer wants. The programming is the means to that end. You can’t do the programming unless you know what the goal is.

However, you said you plan to hire “a designer first to do the layout (javascript, jsp, ajax etc. )”. Javascript, Ajax, etc. are part of the programming, not the design. They are the tools you use to reach your goal.

As for whether you hire a separate designer or developer, or one person to do both, that will depend partly on the size and complexity of the site, and partly on who you can find to do the job. If it’s only a small site, you will probably find it more economical to hire just one person - assuming you can find someone with the necessary skills. With two (or more) people working on the project, the overhead for communication and interfacing could be disproportionately high.