Split Videos into 15 Minute Clips


I need some recommendations.

I have a DVD of footage from a client to upload onto Youtube.

I have some freeware I already used to extract the VOB files from the DVD, but it leaves me with 17 minute clips (which are too long for Youtube to accept).

I’m looking for something to cut up those 17 minute clips into smaller chunks that I can upload.

This is a freebie job, so I’m not looking to purchase any new software.

If anyone know of any good freeware or shareware, please suggest.

Any other suggestions welcome too.



Hey Shaun,

This site seems to have everything you want - of course I’m not associated with it, just something I thought might do the trick for you and as far as I can see each utility is free :tup:

Hazel :slight_smile:

If you’re on a Windows Vista pc you could use the Windows Movie Maker which comes preinstalled with Vista (and I assume XP and Windows 7) to split the clips into shorter clips.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Hey, thanks!

I got exactly what I needed from your link.

I converted the VOB’s to MP4’s using Magic Video Convertor, then used MP4Box from your link to do the joining then splitting.


:slight_smile: That’s great - It’s a good tutorial too I must say, and from the looks of it the utilities are quite a nifty find too and free! I usually use Corel VideoStudio for my DVD editing it’s great but unfortunately that’s not freeware though so that’s why I didn’t mention that :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you got it all going though :tup:

Another good (albeit not free) video editing application is Adobe’s Premiere Elements.