Split Test Strategy For 1st FB/Insta Campaign

Greetings - we are getting ready to launch our first paid Facebook/Instagram campaign introducing our brand and a product to a targeted audience. We have 4 different “angles” (and thus 4 separate ads/posts) we devised from which to approach this audience in an effort to get their attention and spark enough interest/curiosity to get a click through to our website. We don’t have budget for things like focus groups to test these angles and see which are the most viable and which need to be reworked or eliminated and don’t have very many customers yet, so we’re hoping get some some data from this campaign regarding the angle(s) that seem to resonate most with the audience.

I feel like for data gathering and comparison purposes, it would be best to run the ads as a 4-way split test rather than each as its own campaign. Running them separately would increases the chances of a a single person being served more than just 1 of the 4 ads thus potentially skewing the results, right.

Does this make sense or is there some reason I’m missing that would make it better to run them as 4 separate campaigns (either concurrently or consecutively)?

PS - if we can narrow these angles down to 1 or 2, we’ll then run another round where we A/B test isolated textual content and creative, but absent any other data, I believe we need to start at this broad level before zeroing in. Please feel free to shoot that line of reasoning full of holes if warranted.

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