Can we use spinner to spin the articles and submit them to the web 2.0 properties? or can we use them on our own business website?

What is the best way to get the website contents?


Firstly, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by “submit them to the web 2.0 properties”.

If you’re talking about spinning your existing content, why would you want to do that? Why take a carefully-written piece and spin it so that it reads less well than the original? If you’re talking about spinning somebody else’s content, well, that’s just another form of plagiarism and content theft, so the answer is obviously “no”.

Write it yourself, or pay somebody else to write high-quality, unique content for you.[/FONT]

There are dozens of threads on quality content and article spinning in this forum. Please do a search and read away. If you have a specific question related to adding good content to your site, please feel free to start a new thread. This thread closed.