Spell Check

Hi all,
Hope this is the right sub-forum for this.

I’m looking for the best spell check (preferably Chrome plug-in) for the reading level, as opposed to writing. Because we have many sites and many people working on adding content, it would be nice to be able to click on a spell-check program for the browser so that it catches spelling errors while simply viewing the page.

I would appreciate any recommendations or links to reviews.

Thank you!

Just a quick Google search:



Thanks Wolf. We saw the mozilla add on but it didn’t get good reviews. I’d like to find something for Chrome if possible.

Google found several.


The first one looked like it would have worked but the reviews are horrible. It looks like it requires you to cut and paste text into a box first.

The second two we saw already. They are for writing only. Again, we need something that simply points out spelling errors on a page while reading it.

Wolf, I appreciate your assistance regardless.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a big market for spell-checking pages after they’ve been published (that’s usually for the publishing process, itself.)

There is a Firefox method of doing so that requires entering some JavaScript after the URL that seems to work. Don’t think that will work for Chrome, though.

You’ve probably already seen After The Deadline Chrome extension, I’m assuming.

Not sure if this will work, but I also found this.

The last one… yes, that’s the one that requires you to cut and paste text. No good.

After The Deadline… looks like another “write only” and it didn’t get good reviews.

The Firefox method with javascript… kind of a pain to have to enter javascript to check each url. Would prefer something that I can literally just switch on and it shows all typos on a page. This would be fast and convenient. I’ll try it out though.

I agree that most do this in the publishing process but with numerous websites and not being able to control every single employee’s/webmaster’s method through the years, this would be extremely helpful for spell-checking websites quickly. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one that’s desired something like this. I’m sure something is out there but just need to find it.

Again, I sincerely appreciate your efforts in helping!