Speeding Up Wordpress For WoCommerce Website


Recently, i installed woocommerce based wordpress website. Due to features requirement, i had to install 80+ wordpress plugin and all are active.

now, issue is website is very slow… i mean it takes more than 5 minute to load a page whether it is backend or frontend.

So, what options i do have available to speedup my website?

Do i need to increase my server configuration? if yes then what configuration i should use?

also i have heared about using multiple server and multiple database for single woocommerce website… so is it possible and anyone have any idea how it is possibe?

I’m struggling to imagine a WordPress site with over 80 plugins. I assume all 80+ are not loaded on every page, just on the pages they are needed on?

yes… this is wired that a website is using 80+ plugin somehow it is true. By the way i am not sure if all are loading on same page or not because all apps are for different use so i do not think a page will load more than 10 plugins.

well, not only frontend but backend is also slow.

If you needed 80+ plugins then is Wordpress the most appropriate platform to use?

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uninstalled 20 plugins and now wi have 60 active plugins and still facing same issue.

well, i do not have any other option… i have to setup e-commerce website based on woocommerce but due to feature requirement i had to install 80 plugins.

i am just assuming how other woocommerce websites are running.

well, still my question is unanswered.

If you need 60 plugins, the answer might well may be that you need to invest in order to have a properly functioning system. For sites with that complexity, there is now way you can avoid custom development.


WordPress plugins can be great for adding features to it, but needing so many plugins suggests that they are being used to change WordPress into something it is not optimized to be. IMHO, the ideal approach would be to find something closer to what you are trying to change WordPress into.

If you absolutely must use WordPress and eCommerce, there are things you can do that could help some.

The usual things like combining files to minimize HTTP requests, optimizing images, using a CDN, minifying / compressing files, replacing db calls in templates that get unchanging values, etc.

I have a feeling a main cause of the problem is the plugins. The only way I can think of to make improvements is to systematically run speed tests with various plugins enabled / disabled to identify which are the bottlenecks and then change the way they work or find better replacements for them.


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