Speed up loading of MP4 video on web page?


I have an MP4 video embedded on this page ihost-websites.com/PAULKOKO/video.shtml that takes forever to load on my computer. It’s 120MB which is probably the reason it loads slowly.

What can I do to make it load fast…convert it to a flash file or…?

Thanks for your time

Thanks Alex…I uploaded the MP4 to YouTube then converted it to a flash file with youconvertit. The file size got reduced to 32MB however the quality was reduced. See ihost-websites.com/PAULKOKO/video.shtml

Is the file size still too large and how can I increase the quality?


Thanks for the tips.
Can you recommend a converter to easily convert MP4 to a flash file.

Conversion might be a good idea as the file is ridiculously huge for the web (especially since you say it is embedded).

Another idea might be to split the file into smaller segments or parts so at least if the viewer has an erratic or slow connection they can at least sample some of the video.

use a player with buffering capabilities.

looking at megavideo.com and other such sites, buffering seems to be a pretty good solution for large video files :slight_smile: as well as for the smaller ones.

Seems rather a strange series of responses to me, while buffering will allow the video to play earlier (due to streaming) and changing formats may make it more compatible, neither will increase the technical loading of the video. 120MB in any format is still 120MB, that’s a LOT of data requiring to be downloaded. You should be looking at some kind of video compression to help punch the file size downward as that will sap your bandwidth like nobody’s business. :slight_smile: