Spectrumagic sitepoint web designers road map...book Spectrumagic url

Spectrumagic sitepoint web designers road map…book Spectrumagic url? I read it but i do not remember the url…

Click the sitepoint logo and then the bookstore link and you will see all the Sitepoint books.

exist sample site spectrumagic on the web ? not the book sitepoint page but the project spectrumagic url if exist?

Do you mean this: http://www.sitepoint.com/books/process1/

spectrumagic.com like this? exist?

Hi lse123,

The url exists, but AFAIK it is nothing at all to do with SitePoint.

With reference to The Web Designer’s Roadmap, Spectrumagic is an ongoing project throughout the book used to illustrate the creative and design process.
Unfortunately, I don’t think it is to be found live online anywhere.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

coding files anywhere offline exist…?

I’m not sure, sorry.
Maybe @HAWK ; knows?

Sorry, I’ve never heard of spectrumagic - as far as I know it has nothing to do with us. :slight_smile:

Hi Hawk,

I meant maybe you can advise the OP if it is possible to download the code for The Web Designer’s Roadmap from somewhere.
I had a look at the book’s page, but could’t see anything.

I looked through the book a bit and it’s “website” i.e. the “process1” link.

Many if not most SitePoint books do have Code Artchives, and some have a “live site” you can go to. But it seems this particular book has neither.
It mentions “Video Interviews” and “Updates and Errata” but no code sample files nor a live site.

@lse123; If you’re having questions or problems, why not start a thread in an appropriate forum?