Specifying email address for "localhost" for sendmail

I am having a greeting card site. When a customer fills a form and sends it is relayed by sendmail
to the receipient the informaion contained therein.
The script is set to
There was no problem with this till my web host made some modifications and now he says:
“The send mail path and the document root you are using are correct.
You must be able to send mails using the PHP mail scripts.
However kindly note that, we have placed some rigid rules on the server to avoid
spamming activities such that you will not be able to send emails using any script
if you are not using a proper valid email account which is created under the domain
telugugreetings.net’. So kindly make sure that you are using any email accounts created
under this domain in the ‘From’ address field in the mail script to send mails. :
I am having email account 'info@telugugreetings.net” created under my domain."
The SMTP server is mail.telugugreetings.net, port 465
Please help me what modifications I have to make to the script to work properly.

Sounds like they only allow emails to be sent where the From address is on the hosting. So the from email address for all the emails needs to be info@telugugreetings.net unless you set up additional email accounts and use one of those as the from address.

In your email headers in the 4th parameter you need:

From: info@telugugreetings.net\r\n

The SMTP server has to relay the mail and the path given by hostgator, my web host is to my smtp server is
: /home/user name/mail/domain.tld/user’s name
I have given it as /home1/telugugr/mail/telugugreetings.net/info
my user name is telugugr,
my domain name is telugugreetings.net
mail created is info@telugugreetings.net
I am getting error; SMTP server not found: /home1/telugugr/mail/telugugreetings.net/info
My site is in trouble because of this problem. Kindly help me out

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