Specify Category in category page messes with CSS Layout

OK so I’m using Wordpress and displaying a list of posts in a category page. Using this method it’s possible to asign a class to the post that is based on the category so in this case it’s <div class="post-cat-fifteen. If you don’t use that option it defualts to <div class=“post”> and obviously, those <div>s contain the individual posts and som other stuff.

In this page: http://www.pictopoetry.co.uk/category/poem/ The posts are in a div with the default class but in the next page, it uses the added class of .post-cat-fifteen. And this is where I have my problem. http://www.pictopoetry.co.uk/category/poem02/

Please take a look towards the bottom of the page and find the cup-cake. The Wine glass post above it doesn’t clear like the other page or posts and a piece of the post shoots up the page. Where it says, “Posted in…”

I can fix it easy enough by adding clear:both to this rule the <p class=“metadata”> element that contains that information but a) I am not sure if this is the best thing to do and b) I can’t work out why this is happening. In one page, all is well and in the other all is not well but they seem pretty much the same!



I see this line with alignleft in a div style tag. You can change it to aligncenter to make it work, perhaps it is in the html editor.

div style=“width: 195px;” class=“wp-caption alignleft” id=“attachment_92”><a href=“http://www.pictopoetry.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Pictopoemglass11.png