Special characters problem in email


I am having a problem with characters like " é, å, ø " etc

I have textarea for message, users submit messages and when they use characters like above it does not show correctly in email.

any help?

thank you

Ah! Dont forget! Your codification. For that kind of Chars i always use ISO-8859-1. You need to put that codification on the email’s header.

Where it says content-type: blabla charset=iso-8859-1

those characters, ç, ã, etc… have at least twice the size of a normal char, you can see it as a sequence of “accent” + “char”, example: ã = ~ + a (2 chars)

Each char has 4 bytes, in normal day situations, and those will have 8 bytes.
When you collect them, you should see those “ç” as 2 chars, you cannot seperate them or they’ll have no meaning.
My solution was to swap chars like “ç” by sequences of code that i replace when i want to preview the text, to the original “ç”.

There are many solutions, but this is the one i use, because it is simple.
Maybe there are other way to parse those chars.