Spanish and/or german web hosting with english support

Can anyone recommend a web hosting company(s) that offers physical hosting in Germany and/or Spain, but provides documentation and support in English?

Any help would is much appreciated.


Thanks for recommending the German company, can you help with the Spanish hosting, I’m struggling to find a Spanish host with English Language support.

Cheers for any help.

Get the list of potential companies completed (do not opay attention on the language on their web site) - send them presales questions and ask them about English support. The ones which can do that will reply.

ICDsoft comes to mind. The company is Bulgarian I think, they have servers in Germany, but support is in English.

I believe that it is not a problem to find such company because it is easy to find German site in English then English site in German.
I do not know the companies personally but I believe that on their local forums you will be able to find something really inserting for you.
Check offers on the WHT. There are a lot of international web hosts there.