Spammers - how to report them and how much time to wait?

I have a website in a local language where beside spamers there is almost no competition.

But all top places on the first page of Google SERP are taking websites for which is very obviously that they are spaming forums and other sites. It looks like the following example (this is not my targeted keyword but just an example)

They are posting replies or comments with literaly 50+ links in one post and no content.

Do you think Google will remove all 6 sites if report them and show where they are spaming? How much time do you think it can take that they remove them from first page SERP?

Google are in the process of dealing with comment spam on forums so just build your presence using more robust techniques, ie.e create some genuine reasons for deserving your rank and eventually your competitors will all vanish if that’s how they got their rankings.

Ohh i am facing the same issue but with my blog.

But what if I have not time to wait. Isn’t the site /webmasters/tools/spamreport?hl=en the right address for this? Do you think it can take more than 1 month to review the report?

I’ve reported people and never seen any result. It’s an unknown.

Rather than reporting Google, we should report to the hosting provider of that blog and they usually take action against such sites quickly. I have faced this and it worked for me. The website was suspended in just hours.