anyone have any idea why the text widget headed " precious Gem " is so far away from the content areas above in the website:

many thanks

At the bottom of the “service” div (the middle column) you have a bunch of empty paragraphs:

<div class="service">	


Remove them and the space will close up. :slight_smile:

Possibly because you have 5 empty paragraphs at the end of column 2 ‘What we offer’.

quickest reply in history!!! Silly me I was searching through the css but my problem is that most of the content is not displayed in the files as they are php files and they “get” things like discriptions, so I didn’t know how to add a little additional content area box for this precious gem section so I added a text widget.

What would be your method as now that I’ve added this box the home page is looking a little clutted towards the bottom with the box onto of the media bar ( if you see what I mean )

I would firstly take a more considered look at the content you need to display and then develop a design from that, rather than the other way around (as is happening now). How important is that gem box? Could it be full width, with text floated beside an image?

Yes, I think I am just adding at their request, so maybe I should advise them about importance and clutter or find another place to put it.
Many thanks

one more thing:

Why does this media bar display to the right:

but my media bar displays underneath:

It is displaying to the right for me now. Perhaps you’ve changed this already? If not, what browser is it dropping in?

yea, I changed the width of the media bar and floated it right. I think it looks better now, but now since the change, when you click the left and right arrows of the bar they do not flick to all the other videos. What could that be?

Some of the media bar code on the working page is missing on your page. Also be aware that there are some widths set on the various inner divs of the media bar that need to be changed too. I guess you have to be very careful with stuff like this, as it’s quite complex. Perhaps revert back to what you had (when it was working) and make changes very carefully, testing at each step—so that you can spot the moment when something goes wrong.

I made a copy of the home.php file before I edited anything and I’ve had a look through the code but I can’t see anything that’s missing, can you point me in the right direction?