Spacing Between Boxes

I’ve updated my sample page following instructions.
How can I get a space between the drill set and the live model thumb sample?

<div class=“portfolio_box box_last”>
<ul class=“gallery clearfix”>
<li><a href=“christine360.html” title=“Click here to view the sample”><img src=“images/green_grey/portfolio/06.jpg” alt=“portfolio item” class=“image”></a></li>
<h4><a href=“christine360.html”>Live Model</a></h4>
<p>360° views work well with both manikins and live models</p>
<div class=“learn_more”><a href=“christine360.html”>View Sample </a></div>


The second from last column has a class of box_last. Remove that as you’ve set it to not have margins, hence why there’s no space.

<div class="portfolio_box [COLOR=#ff0000]box_last[/COLOR]">