Space at the top of the webpage

Hi I’ve got a problem with a space appearing above everything else in my web page. I don’t know what’s causing it. Here’s the address:

You can see in this page: – there is no space.

If someone could tell me how to fix it that would be stupendous…


[FONT=Verdana]Hmmm … the layout on the second link is completely broken, whereas the first one looks fine. See attachments for how they are coming out (in Opera).

The background fade around the ‘e’ logo doesn’t quite match up with the background fade on the rest of the page, which is a bit of a glitch, but I can’t see anything else there (on the first one) that I would be tearing my hair out over.[/FONT]

yes…even i checked it…the page is broken and i could only see some blank images…try to redirect them properly!! if possible try to change the theme, it is little dull try to put bright themes:)

OK - I don’t pretend to understand what is going on with your code, your multiple stylesheets for different browsers, etc. I also agree with Stevie D that the page in your second link is broken (at least in FF11).

However, if I’ve understood your question correctly, you’re trying to remove the space above the logo image on your contact page. In your HTML you have

<div class="ContactCopyGradient"></div>

<h2 class="ContactTitle">Contact Us</h2>
<h4>Form Mail Script</h4>

Removing the last line solves the problem. It doesn’t seem to have any ill-effects as the text is not visible on the page.