Sources for Website Images

I recommend the following sites for free pix: 2 free pictures/day - german site! - german site!

I’ve been using free photos from Dreamstine and from what they told me, I need not provide any credits but to be sure I have placed due credits to photographer’s name. So far, Im not receiving any copyright warnings.

Stick with Flickr, if not iStock. Like they said, you cannot find good photos for free as the equipments for taking them are not for free either.
But you can pay a fair price for one.


Try searching for fotogrph, imagebase, morguefile, or unprofound. <snip>

I’ve used free photos before but there is really no peace of mind.
Paying few quids is better than paying a solicitor.

I get my stock images from They aren’t free, but are not expensive either.

You usually get better images if you pay for them. You can get them for a couple of dollars each at sites like
You get paid for the work you do. So why not pay photographers for the work they do? It also saves time not having to look through garbage images, and you can bill the client for them anyway.

Two things to tell you
a) Ever since net has become the best medium to get all the social content most people have started using internet to do advertising and they tend to buy images for such a medium of advertising, but still there are people who do not mind sharing their images for commercial purposes. I know quite a few good photographers who just love clicking snaps and posting a zillions of them on flickr they don’t license it and don’t mind people using it

b) So try searching sites like flickr to find good pictures and if you do like any pic do go through the profile of the photographer and read about his opinion on licensing

This is my problem as well with graphic or web designing. But if you are really serious and would want to steer clear from any legal liabilities, you better buy the photos. I think there’s no other way around it. Unless you are using photos for blogs and the like, you can use photos from sites like flickr and photobucket.

Each license has its own set of restrictions and requirements. Not all images on Flickr are licensed under creative commons, so always make sure you check before you use someone else’s images.

I have started a website with free images. attribution would be appreciated, and/or be nice & click on some of the ads. They come in small, med & large sizes.
Been way busy w/work but should be adding to this soon. Advice & feedback is always appreciated of course.

This is a false statement, unless in US there’s no law.

  1. I can have a RAW version of the file so, this is the first way to tell “who owns what”. I can sue you and get some serious money from you and also put the website offline.
  2. I take more than one photo from a scene so, I can (I will!) have a series of photos from the same place with different angles and, you must have been in that same place, with the same camera and take the same photo to “prove” that you own it.
  3. If we’re talking about persons, any person from the picture can sue you unless you have a release model with his/her signature.

So, no… do not just download photos from flickr, google or other website because:

  1. you may get busted and loose more money than the photo value
  2. your website may get offline “without reason” when you expect it less

Ok, now I must have a solution to this topic: buy those photos because there is the work of someone.
Do not buy those photos if you work and create a website and give it for free, as you took those pictures :slight_smile: it’s simple.

Royalty free high resolution images and stock photography available at Image Source.