SourceGuardian support by hosting companies

Is SourceGuardian loader widely support by most of hosting companies?

I would imagine most companies will be able to support it. Your best bet is to find a provider you’re interested in and ask they specifically. They will be able to tell you.

I do not think so. And that couldn’t be posted on the web site of web hosting provider. So I’m afraid you will need find a small number of web hosting providers and then ask them if they can provide that.

We use Source guardian for our software and have found that while many hosts don’t advertise support they are usually willing. The Cpanel control panel also includes source guardian loaders so actually many hosts do support it without needing to do anything

Even if you have a look at the web site of web hosting provider you may not find a lot of information about that there. I think you will need to get in touch with provider and ask directly.