Any has experience in using Soundmanager2.js I need some help in manipulating it to play a json object with urls to music. A simple demo would help.

I still need help with soundmanger2.js am trying to build and play a playlist but I want to disable the controls after a few songs are played anyone willing to help me out?

Here is how I did it. Don’t quite know how you need it though

Great example but do I need the xml file it seeems impractical for my solution. Can I just get the ids and paths from a JSON file and creat the init function based on that info?

Lastly is it possible to count the amount of songs played? I want to play a special song after 2 songs are played

Sounds like this would work better for you

Thanks again, this is great however I need cross domain streaming and the ability to use my own css for play pause etc. Think about it as using a player of a mobile app but am using html5 and JavaScript. The user sees a list of songs and can play any one but can also build their own playlist but form an app on their phone and not a website. That is the reason why I thought SoundManager.js would be the solution. Any tips as to where I can get something like this?

Sounds like you’ll need to customize something. I don’t know if sound manager can do that. I only know that it can do what I did with it.

I found this which is kind of what I want to do except it wont be on I just can seem to understand the code enough to manipulate it