Sound file in a fla file, sounds different, in swf

Hi everyone,
I imported an mp3 file into a fla file in order to add animation to the music.
When i activate the fla file, it sounds as good as the original mp3 file but when i create a swf file out of the fla, the sound is bad and not as good as in the fla file.
Any idea why this is happening ? Anything i could do to make the swf sound as goog as the mp3 and fla ?
Thanks a lot.

Check your publish settings. you can adjust the qaulity of the mp3 for export from there. Default setting is 16kb mono so your mp3 would sound pretty poor with those settings.

Do remember that the higher the publish quality setting the larger your final swf will be.

at 64kb stereo you can get a good quality with reasonable file size

Thanks Paul. That solved the problem.

Thanks, I selected 64b and now the swf file sounds exactly as the original mp3.
Thanks a lot.

Nice one:)