Sorting old pictures from deleted posts

i manage a furniture store website. they’ve been posting thousands of pictures of products for years. however, some of the posts have been deleted over time as they’ve sold those particular products. but all the product pictures remain in the /wp-content/uploads folder. that folder is getting so large that its eating up all the available space in the hosting account.

is there any way to identify what pictures are no longer referenced in any posts (i.e those posts that have been trashed)?

I guess that you could use the_loop to query which products are inactive. I supposed those are the ones removed. And then you’ll have a list of pictures.

You could also script it yourself, if you have no other choice (like, the products are listed any longer, not even as inactive, they completely removed them and deleted them) but it’s kind of hard.

Off Topic:
I’ve always thought the_loop was funny. I don’t know why. It sounds so self-important :smiley:

Try Xenu link sleuth to analyse your site. I believe one of the reports is just about images.

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