Sortable grid list with action



Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and recently started to refresh my JS skills from 10 years ago. I try to make a page with a "simple" grid list element, that can be manually sorted by drag-n-drop and interacted by a click-action (either single or multi-element/select). Since I am not up-to-date, I googled a lot and found several good examples for sortable lists, some with grid support, and also with mobile touch option (which I want too). Best I found is the Ionic framework (, where I am not sure it works as grid though. However, I wonder if there is something newer (after 2013), that maybe comes even with an integrated action handler?


How about this table sorter?



thanks for the suggestion, but that looks more like a table.When I say grid, I meant more like the example for Multi mode, where regular list elements are arranged in a grid and not a column, but otherwise get treated as a 1D array. I cannot see that table sorter does this nor has it an action handler. Please correct me if I am wrong!



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