Sort of two column layout

Hi guys. I have a site in progress here.
So on that page I have descriptions on the right and screenshots and links on the left…
I’m wondering how best to do this and be able to add more easily in self-managed divs…
Putting divider divs between them is easy enough, but how to position them without position absolute?
Does that make sense?

Yes it could work for all but IE6, google hover scripts CSS :). Gotta run, work.

Nah…that problem’s been fixed now, (though I don’t have more on the site yet)
It would be cool to have javascript overlay an image (ie ‘click for larger view’) over the images when I hover over them. Or can this be done is CSS? Just have an absolute position div over them to top:0 and left:0…and visibility: 0 until hover…sound like that’ll work?

Do you still need help? Sorry noone answered :shifty: .

You can find some info on css popups here. [URL=“”]CSSplay also has loads of gallery type effects.

With IE6 having only a 6.7% of browser use, I’m not too concerned about that. I’ll have to try it.

Never mind I guess. :nono:

For some reason I couldn’t edit my post anymore but I wanted to say I need the text’s left edge aligned where it currently is and the images can be centered or right aligned. I tried floats for text but it didn’t play well with the images.

That site is a biased result :). All sites are biased, though I do agree IE6 users are diminishing rapidly.

You have to cehck your browser statistics to see what you are raking in, don’t trust what other get :). Obviously technology sites such as w3schools will have lower IE6 percentage because we are aware that IE6 blows. (Though, granted, company sites etc might go there due to only having IE6)