Sometimes it Works, Sometimes it Doesn't

Here’s my website:

You probably won’t see the problem because it only happens every now and then. Here’s a pic attached to this post to show you what’s going on. I get this every couple of days or so. If I close firefox and clear the cache and reopen it again, it usually, but not always, fixes the problem. So does this mean it’s a Firefox problem? Is there anything I can do about it? I can post the source code if anyone wants.

Well the margin I used in my CSS works properly for the most part. It’s just some times when I load the page it will not be aligned correctly. I think you may be correct when you say how the ad injection method could be screwing with my code. Anyways I took your advice and deleted the CSS code for the align, and replaced it with an image of exactly the same with as the align had for its property and hopefully I won’t have this problem again.

When it was screwing up, you could go to my gallery page and have only three images in a row showing up, and then on the next line there would be one. Then three, then one, three, one…over and over again.

Odd. So then again maybe it wasn’t just the image align property. I should definitely get paid hosting and then it should solve everything. Maybe I should stop spending so much on pizza so I can get paid hosting hahaha


What is the problem exactly and what happens when it goes wrong?

I see the hat is misplaced on the navbar but its like that in all my browsers and is probably because you have applied an incorrect margin to it. However you would have been better adding that slice to the actual nav text (“Friends” otherwise you will have to make it transparent as it overlaps)

As that is broken in all browsers then I guess you mean something else.

I will say though that you can’t reliably debug a site on a free host because they are injecting code into the top of the page may cause quirks mode in some browsers. I can’t see it’s an issue in your page but we see it very often in the forums and they may rotate the method they inject the ads into your page and thus cause intermittent errors.