Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't

I had this working with your help before but now it isn’t. The super script “1” after the word “posweyb” is supposed to be a book mark. (Line 18) Sometimes (like after I leave it overnight) it works.

Once I have clicked on it, it stops working. Oddly enough when I inspect it and click on the link it goes where it is supposed to.

Does this have something to do with it being associated with the class super? Once it is visited, it isn’t supposed to work?

It doesn’t work at all for me because it is placed under your slideshow.:slight_smile:

You would need to add position:relative to it and then give it a higher z-index than the slideshow.



More worryingly though is the way that you have placed the ‘1’ using a magic number technique.

a.super{padding:20px 20px 20px 400px}

That’s not really viable for a production site and you want your ‘1’ placed next to posyweyb at all times even if posyweyb was moved.

I would revise your html and put the link inside the logo.


<div class="logo">pos Weyb<a href="#exactly" class="super">1</a></div>

Now they will behave as a unit and always sit together without doing anything special.
Remember to remove the padding from the super class.