Something wrong in my website

Hi this summer I’ve completed a website for a friend, a photographer.
We agreed to have a menu with some toggles and just one <DIV> where to load external html.
well, when I tested it on my pc using EasyPHP 12.1 (there are 2 php files for the photo galleries) it looked good, but when I access to it from web, toggles don’t seem to work good.
I don’t want to change site structure, but I can’t find the bug (if there is a bug)
Can someone help me to test toggle actions inside the website?

It’s address:

I can post every script or file

Thanks too much

Paco Toscano

toggles don’t seem to work good.

What does this mean?

I don’t know what you mean by a ‘toggle’ in this context, but this is from the error console:

[26/10/2012 16:04:50] JavaScript -
Event thread: DOMContentLoaded
Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot convert ‘’ to object
Error thrown at line 5, column 6326 in <anonymous function>() in
c.offsetHeight,a.extend(,{minHeight:“100px”,height:“auto”,padding:0,borderWidth:0}),,"onselectstart"in c,b.removeChild(c).style.display=“none”
called via from line 2274, column 65 in <anonymous function: ready>() in
return, jQuery);
called via Function.prototype.apply() from line 2294, column 5 in <anonymous function: ready>() in
this.apply( document );
called via from line 750, column 4 in <anonymous function: each>(object, callback, args) in
for ( var i = 0, length = object.length, value = object[0];
called from line 2293, column 4 in <anonymous function: ready>() in
jQuery.each( jQuery.readyList, function(){
called from line 2343, column 3 in <anonymous function>() in

Agreed, looks OK to me (Chrome).

What are you expecting, which browsers have you tried?

fantastic…but I don’t know what do these errors mean…

Hi Richard I use Firefox 16.0.1 for windows, but I’ve tested with Opera 12 for windows and Safari 5.1.7 for windows.
If you click several times on the toggles, to access to sections, you’ll find an unexpected behaviour…
toggles open and close the only <DIV> I’ve used to load the html files in the main <DIV>.
I hope to have been explicit…

It is difficult to see what you are trying to achieve, can you not create four separate pages and just load it each time? The method you use at the moment, never leaving for for example, is bad practice.

I agree with you, Richard… but we were looking for a site where everything happens inside 1 <DIV> with the .load() function. But I agree that it’s not a good idea…
I need to find another way…

Have four separate files and link to each one.

ok…I’ll work for this solution…thanks