Something like iframes


I have a large bit of content that I want to insert into my website page. But the way the web page is layed out, the box that the content would be in is smaller than the amount of text. I was thinking of inserting an iframe in the box so that you could scroll down to read the whole document. But from scanning reviews about iframes, I’m not really getting a good feeling on those, so wondering if anyone knows of any other way to so something similar, but not using iframes.


You could just use a fixed height scrollable div.

To clarify, your CSS would look something like this:

div.scrollable {
height: 300px;
overflow: auto;

Hi, I’ve been out of town for Thanksgiving and am catching up on emails today. Thank you for the css info. I will try it this week and see how things go.

I really appreciate your help.