Something besides Addthis?

We’re using Addthis buttons on the over 12,000 entries on our site. It’s causing a significant drag on the page load times. Anyone got any suggestions for alternatives? Manually adding Digg, Technorati, etc links on each of 12,000 entries is not an option :smiley:

You have a dynamic site, surely you have some kind of template system where you could add the links once and have them show up on every entry. And your template system should know what the requested URL was to fill that in.

You’re probably right, but all of that is above my pay grade :slight_smile: I’m a jackleg researcher and Web designer. Not only does that stuff go right over my head, I don’t have access to the system to that degree. I’ll pass along your comment to the guy that does have that kind of access.

How about using ShareThis and see if it shortens the loading time :slight_smile:

Definitely worth a look, thanks!

Also you can check out this

Also you can check out this

Thanks for this suggestion, It’s very cool tools for me. I do like it integrate to google Analytic. Let me try!

also try socialmarker

If you want you could always add “addthis” like script to yoursite and embed it automatically…like a module, and the pictures will load from your images directory. This way it works on my websites…hope this help…