Someone recognize this old font?

Someone recognize this old font (found on a 1950’s camera) ?
See letters P, R, G and M particularities

It looks like it was engraved. From what I can see it is likely to be a standard engraver font but which one I don’t know. The link here shows that Normal Block (Font 1 Rotary Engraved) is a pretty good match for feel though I know it doesn’t match exactly. Standard sans serif fonts put something like Gill Sans as a good match for the ‘M’, there weren’t many of the classic sans serifs that use an M where the middle point is raised off the baseline.

I imagine that there is better info out there but thought I’d throw what I found into the mix.

Thanks anyway !

My apologies, I forgot to add the link, I’ve tried to track down the page I was looking at but can’t find it again.