Someone intelligent please

hello, if you don’t like problem solving, please go back to where you came from.

okay, so I have these statistics I want to graph. Unfortunately, being completely retarded, I don’t know how to do it properly!!

so my data chart looks like this: for every entry there’s a % (1-100) and how many times that percentage has been selected. For instance, something like this:

0% | 1
33% | 1
50% | 2
100 % | 1

now you can visualize what that chart might look like… something like this: --^–

Now, that makes sense, right? What if i do this?

0% | 1
33% | 1
49% | 1 \
51% | 1 / split
100% | 1

i would want it to produce a very similar graph (since the actual data is really similar), but naturally it wont because all the values are 1: -----

so my question to you, smart person, is: what’s the most accurate way to overcome this dilema?

thank you

i don’t understand the dilemma

what was the question?

I thought i was intelligent. I’m not.
Not necessarily news to me. Good luck finding this out, while I remain slightly dazed and confused.

okay i want the graph to display the most popular percentages picked.

so if one person picks 25%, and two people pick 75%, the graph will have a upward slope from 25% to 75% - which makes sense.

if one person picks 25%, one person picks 74% and one person picks 76%, although the data is really really really close, the graph will be flat - which isn’t what i want to relay to the client. i want the graph to look really similar.

am i clear?


but that’s most likely my fault, as i guess i’m not smart enough

good luck, eh

You probably want to compute and display percentiles.

If you use 10th percentiles, the graph in your last example (1×25%, 1×74%, 1×76%) would look like this: