Someone has downloaded spyware onto my cell phone

Someone has downloaded spyware onto my cell phone and has been intercepting all phone calls, voice mails and text messages that I send. Is there any way to find out WHEN this was done and WHO did it? I want to put them in jail!
I’ve asked around and nobody has ever heard of this. Please help - You’re my only hope!

First things first - are you absolutely positive?

They could just be very sneaky and read them when you’ve got your back turned, or have a hidden camera or anything like that.

Alternatively, they could have set a dial-in number, so anything you do with signal on your phone goes through a certain number. This is the case if your bill is abnormally high.

But if you are absolutely certain, what’s your phone make and model?

I can say I am not absolutely sure. Its a blackberry 8100. I also should go to my local spy store and get suggestions… I searched the room and cannot find anything… They always know where I am and what I do… maybe something hidden in the car. Just looking for help…

To be honest it depends what you mean by ‘they’

Someone that has been stalking me the past year.

Ah, not the FBI or anything then lol.

What’s wrong with the good ol’ restraining order?

Its hard to get and does not help much. I would have to convince the DA.

I discovered this and it looks legit: FlexiSpy:

Closer to removing it:

I don’t want to remove it but track who is doing it and turn them into police. I hope the cyber crime experts know how to solve this. Any suggestions?

You can have your mobile phone reformat. I got a virus last 2 months. I got it reformat.

There is a TV News report on the website of TV Station WTHR in Indianapolis. You can do a google search for “bob segall wthr cell phone spyware” Bob Segall is the reporter, and the 1.5st result links to the story and video. (Not the 1st or 2nd/3rd link)

I would post the link here, but since I only signed on to make this post, I will have top post 9 more responses before getting the privilege to post web or email addresses - according to Site Point. Sorry.

There is a video link of the 5 minute news story on the right. You can watch it on that page. Also read the story because it has an update about some related things.

I have found websites for most of companies mentioned. Some of them offer solutions to prevent the software they sell infecting your phone. Clever - playing both sides.

There are also a few resources doing investigations into this abuse, but no simple solutions were offered in the story - only a 6 O’Clock news type of RUN FOR YOUR LIFE WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE warning.

I got to this SitePoint thread by searching for programs that might detect the problem you are encountering, but since I was here, I thought I’d answer your question before continuing.

I hope you solve your problem.

DesignX0316, do you connect your phone to your computer at any point, this is the usual first reason when phones get infected, secondly, do you browse the web using your phone? The problem is that there are only 3 possible ways your device can be infected, either through a connection with another infected machine (your PC), through the web (something you downloaded and opened) or someone managed to place it on your phone physically by getting hold of it. The thing you need to be aware of is that this kind of stuff doesn’t just “get on there”, you have to physically do something to become infected (even if it is just browsing to a site).

As for finding out who did it, most malicious software usually origionates from eastern countries (like russia and china - in terms of making it, not infection rates) and as a subsequent result, if you wanted to try and tackle the problem and “put them in jail” you will have a hard time trying to do it because its not only international law but its unlikely to swing on the testimony of a single individual who thinks his phone is being tapped.

While you may be being stalked, you are coming off as a bit paranoid, the chances are that they know what your doing all the time because their following you. Not because they somehow managed to hack your phone without access to it, that kind of technology doesn’t exist, hackers have to have access to the phone whether virtual or physical to be able to target a device. My advice would be if you are worried about the phone being messed with, either take it into your blackberry dealer and get them to take a look or reset the firmware to wipe out anything weird.