Some Web Design & Development Tools I Like to Share

Greetings to all members of sitepoint community!

I would like to share the tools that I use for my web design. It’ll surely improve your work someway, but before I get to it I just wanna let you know that:
none of the tools below are advertising nor I was requested to advertise them!

Just a personal share to my fellow web developers/designers, since these tools helped me I am sure they will help you all.


It’s a tool that was made for people who like to have multiple browser windows in 1 place. Basically, inside the software there are all devices screen sizes and you can make sure your website looks perfectly designed on these devices without having to resize your browser window every time.

It works on Windows, MAC, Linux.

The issue it currently have is: it uses so much RAM since the built-in browser is chrome, and chrome is a RAM hungry browser.

Am I Responsive?

This tool is simple, you just paste the URL and view your website within the iframes in the devices above. Yes…iframes, that means you can scroll and do anything within the devices. you can even paste your localhost url if it’s turned on.

The issue it currently face is: this website can’t preview “HTTPS” url since they are very secure.


Let’s say you have a design file that is almost 1GB of size, and of course you can’t send that via email…so the solution is to use WeTransfer. The free version gives you a limit of 2GB.

How does it work?
You simply add your files, type in your client’s email and yours, then the website will upload the files and converts them into a link and sends that link to the client. The files will be deleted after 1 week if I am not mistaken.


Lottie is a library developed by Airbnb team. It’s basically a library that converts your Adobe After Effects animations into json files to use them on the web and mobile apps. The animations can be interactive to (click events and such).


If you have too many WordPress website then this tool will definitely help you a lot. You simply signup and connect all your WordPress websites to your ManageWP account and they all will display in your dashboard.

With this tool you can check with website needs updates, security, is SEO good and some other stuff.

And that’s all I may share for now, if you do have any useful tools please share them too so we may use them when we need!

I thank you for reading.

Have a great [your timezone here]


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