Some scripts stopped working and links turned blue?

Everything was working fine and I was working on a “go” button, installed it and worked good.
Uploaded the new code to server and now everything except one script works now.
But the code runs fine in Google Chrome. Firefox and IE stopped running the code that inserts a “cover” div over the top of separate elements in an array.
You can see the site here…
The very strangest thing is that even though all of the links are styled to be white and they have all turned blue now. Even on hover and active and visited and the link itself is supposed to be white. It’s like something has taken over styling. The only thing I can think is that the twitter or facebook code is interfering with my code??? But it has been working fine for a year now.
Thanks for looking.

This is the code I have, to insert the div, and it works in chrome and was working in FF and IE until the other day.
Can’t figure it out.
Don’t understand why my links are blue when they’re styled to be white in every aspect.

function shufl(){

var output=‘’;
for(var i=0; i<nums.length; i++){output+=‘<div class=“result”>’+nums[i]+‘</div>’;}



function cover() {

	$("&lt;div/&gt;", {"class":"cover"}).appendTo($(this)).fadeIn(250).click(function()
	{	$(this).fadeOut(1500);


Any suggestions of how this can be achieved differently? THanks.

Okay…I figured out that the divs is appending to the divs in the array as they are supposed to but the browser stops reading the styling in the code. Also, when I looked at the code thru developers tools (ff) I can see that the new div appended INSIDE the target divs instead of wrapping it.

<div class="result">
<div class="cover"></div>

Anyone know how to fix this?

You are appending to the div when you probably want to append to the div’s parentNode.
If that doesn’t work you’ll need to do an insert not an append.

Figured it out, totally unrelated css corruption.
I want to scream.