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Don’t listen to people who tell you to learn an old version. Follow your gut feeling or instincts.
Why learn some functions in the old version where you’d have to unlearn them in the new version ? Don’t waste your time.
Be like me. Stick to Php 7.
And most of all, FRIEND me in this forum and always read my threads, posts, questions, etc. because I always ask basic questions which you are likely to have and so others answering my questions are likely to satisfy your curiosities too and you won’t waste your time asking the same questions I have.

I saw Php 5 & 7 comparison codes and they are not the same. Syntax not 100% same! However, Php 7 looked more complicated.
With Php 7, you write half the code as Php 5 and the speed is double too! Now, you decide whether you want to learn an old timer! Don’t confuse yourself learning 2 versions (even if they are the same language because their syntaxes are not 100% same!). Stick to one. Php 7.
Look why:

Then move-on to Python. Learn Mobile Apps and Mobile Games (Android) development too. They are the future now.
Php would go down in 10 years so articles say and Python i the very near future.
Laptops they say would go down too in 10 years just like desktops and the winner would be mobile phone and so learn mobile phone programming!

Oh by the way, if you find a good tutorial on Php 7 and latest version of Python and Android App and Android Game Development tutorials then don’t forget to drop your friend (me) a line! I am still hunting and asking questions. See, I told you I have basic questions any newbies have!


With Php 7, you write half the code as Php 5

Wow. A bold statement. Unfortunately, not nearly a true one.

@08ski11s, frankly, this guy have no idea what he is talking about.


While the statement on mobile phones being popular is correct. Almost your whole argument is incorrect.

If you can supplement a language that can support the 11% of the web that WordPress already has, I’d gladly listen. While mobile applications are popular, how is the customers going to contact the publishers? Their website correct? And again, WordPress runs around 11% of the web so it’ll be a challenge to replace WordPress. I’d like to listen to you if you can find me a platform that can replace WordPress and the 11% of the web it holds. I’ll give you a year to answer this question. Also, guess what language WordPress is written in? Yup, PHP. Legacy PHP, but nevertheless, PHP. I don’t fond WordPress, but I also won’t ignore how many users of the web use it on a daily basis.

I highly doubt laptops and desktops will die out simply because everyone owns one of the 2 and there is no monthly fee for it. Most people also work better with laptops and desktops rather than on mobile phones. And work places require laptops to be with you at all times. All your work is on there.


No need to reply to a bot :slight_smile:

From the content of the post, it looks like content spinning, which would work better on language vs language, or languages with larger changes like python 2 vs python 3.

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Didn’t know bots can post with proper English. Maybe I am a failed programmer. T.T

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Actually I’m not sure if this is the best way to go. It’s also what I did when starting with PHP, but it is an inconvenient workaround, there is a better solution: the terminal. When on Linux or Mac, you can use the tail command to make all errors appear realtime in your terminal.

tail -f /path/to/php_error.log

It should be simple to find the correct location of your PHP error log via your server configuration, or via a Google search.

Next, to answer the original question: I’m sad to see the most important links missing in this thread: the official PHP 7 changelog and documentation:

Because PHP 5.6 is end of life, meaning it will only receive security support until 31 december 2018, you should definitely use PHP 7. A list of all versions and their support can be found here:

Also note: PHP 7.1 already exists, I’m sure you can find the changelog for that version yourself :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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The links has been missed because the question is not about a changelog.
The guy asked whether PHP5 and PHP7 are different languages and which one to learn if so.

So the answer is simply “no, the languages are practically the same”. And to be able to understand the changelog one needs to learn PHP for like two years.

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I prefer fixing all errors and warnings before preceding rather than the additional steps to check the error log.
[/off topic]

I guess I believe it’s more important to teach a man to fish, rather than to give him a fish and feed him for a day.

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I am sorry to mention but your last comment is as irrelevant to the discussion as the first one. Let me tell you that a context is very important. Although you could be telling the downright truth and be exceptionally correct with your statements, your comments should be relevant to the discussion at whole. Otherwise they will be of much less value.

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currently i have complete my environment stack setup, which i use hhvm (currently supports php7) with a php-fpm (7.1.1-fpm) fallback, and i am learning php as we speak, as for versions i have learn that they are all the same, but with regards to php 7 additional improvements in performance and new syntax features etc., some old version (5 plus) syntax are deprecated incompatible to php 7, and php 5.6.x is still supported till the end of the current supported version and lifespan, that is why we can still choose to use other version of php, but in the end of the day its still php some will work on the current version 7 and some are deprecated not supported on the current version 7 or other version, but given the circumstances i will prefer to learn the latest version and additions of php as of security support and bug fixes to come, just like ubuntu servers with LTS, we have to move and upgrade the servers with the latest version for security purposes and other features to gain because all support will be cut-off and you cant install anything, even repositories will be cut-off though you can still use older versions of ubuntu but its not safe and not wise to use unsupported versions. best practices is always to update and upgrade with current and new versions.


So, which tut site you recommend then that teaches php 7 and not any old version ?

The official site:

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