Some questions abouf Follow Links

Hi Guys.
First of all, Sorry for my bad English.
I have some questions about links and their rel attributes.

1- What the heck is rel=“follow” or rel=“dofollow” ? as far as I know a link can have rel=“nofollow” meaning it’s not followed, or it has not any rel attribute, meaning it’s followed. I saw some link with rel follow or dofollw attributes which MOZ bar can’t recognize them as follow links. My assumption is those rel attributes doesn’t have any effect because if they have effect anyone could get follow links from each and every website. Am I right ?

2- When I view the source of a website and I see that a link does NOT have the rel=“nofollow” attribute, I can assure that link if Followed ? I mean isn’t there any other way or “External” way to make a link as nofollow, which doesn’t appear on source code ?

Thank you.

Basically, links are followed unless they have the rel="nofollow" attribute. There is no such attribute as “dofollow”.

Does that answer your questions?

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There IS NO rel=“follow” or rel=“dofollow”. This was just some SEO hack who decided that since rel=“nofollow” is accurate, then the opposite would be more effective. Not the case…it either has rel=“nofollow” or it doesn’t.

Yes, if it does NOT have the attribute, then the search engines will accept the link. Whether or not it’s followed depends a lot on how the site is regarded by the search engines. If it’s a crap site, the link’s going to be ignored.

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rel is short for relationship. Apart from “nofollow” which indicates that the link should not be followed, any other value should indicate the relationship that the file linked to has to the current page. They are more commonly applied to the <link> tag than to <a> tags Other than for nofollow which is only ever applied to <a> tags).

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I’m not aware of any, if it were not publicly visible, how would the robots see it? There is a robots meta tag that can go in the head which applies nofollow to all links on the page. This is visible in the source, but is not on the individual links.

<meta name="robots" content="nofollow" /> 

You can make ALL the links on your site nofollow via an entry in the robots.txt file but to set them individually you need them in the source.


Do follow back links is useful for SEO. No-follow is not appropriate for seo back link.

So after setting all links as nofollow in the robots.txt, DOES rel=“nofollow” attribute appears on each individual link in source code or not ?

BTW, thanks for all helpful replies.

No, those settings will only be visible in the robots.txt file.
The robots.txt can’t change your html, it just advises the robots on how to crawl various parts of your site.

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And while reputable bots such as Google and Bing will honour the robots.txt file, others may not. (Just a reminder not to rely on robots.txt to prevent access to private areas, for example.)

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Yes That’s right but if no-follow link is high PR so you will not post here?

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, and we seem to be in danger of wandering off-topic here, but nobody is saying that nofollow links are not worth having. They are ignored by Google and other search engines, but can still bring traffic.

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