Some photos of my family:p

What’s the difference between Tibet and China?

Tibet’s a separate culture and people (actually several different peoples), and used to be a separate autonomous region run by Dalai Lamas. Several decades ago China declared that Tibet was really part of China, and has said so ever since. So, right now politically it’s just a region of China… but I don’t know how many people there speak Chinese.

Tibetan Tiger, is it considered one province? Or many? Not sure. I looked up Anhui though, it has many smaller sections. Are those districts?

but for some websites,like facebook and youtube,I can’t access them.

Proxy servers : ) Though I’ll say, you’re not missing anything with Facebook, lawlz.

Tibet is one district in China,SP is one technology website,so it is not hard to access it,but for some websites,like facebook and youtube,I can’t access them.

i am missing many things,I can’t access facebook,twitter,youtube,transferlargefiles and many cool websites,soemtimes I can acess one or two via software,but after very short time,the softwares will be unused,so I have given up the trying,it made me lost many business

Tibet is fascinating, 7 years in Tibet…:slight_smile:

I guess it’s a personal matter then because I never let words hurt me. I have 100s of hateful things coming at me everyday since I’m on the internet and people who hate white people in general, but one thing is they can never change me. By ignoring them and not letting it hurt me I have won every battle they try to throw at me.

You can play the “what if” game all day. “what if” someone comes after me. I don’t live my life in any form of paranoia.

I didn’t create them. It’s just what they are called. Swearing never hurt anyone.

They are called mind ****'s and the tag line is “when you see it you will **** bricks”. Only swore when I saw it because it freaked me out. Didn’t even notice that.

Holy ****, the last one should be a mind ****. When you see it you will **** bricks.

I thought that picture looked kind of weird like why are you holding out your hand? Like maybe it was a follow me picture as a nice gesture, but I didn’t see what you had.

Would be a great mind **** poster. I can’t believe how well that blends in with the background of the corn I would think that is in the background. It looks like your holding a praying mantis if I’m not mistaken.

I am not in tibet,I am in anhui province of China,That my ID is tibeten_tiger is because I like Tibet.

Facebook and Youtube are horrible things to be missing. Easy ways to help promote a site with the free tools to do it. I’m guessing it’s more of a time waster for most people though and that’s how the government sees it, but I’m guessing they probably get pass the filter and have their own accounts.

so I have given up the trying,it made me lost many business

Aw : (

But, the internet, and internet rules, are always changing. Things may be better in the future.

What’s the difference between Tibet and China? How do you like living in China anyways it seems hard to find anyone to talk to from China due to all the internet regulation over there. Do you have a hard time accessing sp at times?

I guess in the U.S. words are different. I’m used to so many different things due to freedom of speech which people misinterpret for being able to say whatever they want, but most of the time I ignore anyone hateful. Man I got pounded yesterday for one of my youtube videos because I’m not the greatest on Camera at this time, but I love it because it’s the only time I get real reviews.

The only time a man is supposed to lie is when his wife is asking a question about her personal appearance. Never tell her the truth or you’ll be sleeping in a sewer.

I don’t know who started it, but 4chan starts some crazy things and some of them always aren’t that great.

I used to google them, but they kind of got boring. They are interesting. Yea, there’s a ton of different ones though.

On a serious note, this is not true. Words can hurt no matter how mature you are… the way you react to them is what will show if you’re really mature or not, but words can hurt. :slight_smile:

They are called mind ****'s and the tag line is “when you see it you will **** bricks”. Only swore when I saw it because it freaked me out. Didn’t even notice that.

I’ve seen those… sometimes they’re really creepy. Often you have to look for a few moments longer to suddenly see what’s so special about the image.

Is the whole thing from 4chan or one of those places, though?

Oh good lord I just googled the catchphrase… there’s a dedicated website, called sh* I went LAWLZ.

You are really strong, man, if the words can’t hurt you…The words have power to build and power to destroy, hurt…You are a Watch and learn ! :slight_smile:

Well, until you swear in front of someone, takes it the other way and then he hurts you, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

yea, but swearing didn’t hurt him. He probably has an ego problem if that happened. He went to physical activity which hurts people. Words only hurt immature people.

I can see the logic behind that, but seriously words are just words they can’t change someone unless they accept defeat and let it.

Great pictures. Is that actually in Tibet?

Come on man, just kidding, it’s really hard to hurt me :stuck_out_tongue: I have seven walls of defense :lol: