Some friendly advise

Hi all,

Not really sure where this post would go so here is what I would like to ask, currently doing web design
but would like to divert into other areas as there are too many web designers around, does anyone
have any suggestions? Also looking for a mentor who I can pm as I have an idea and would like some feedback
as to whether it is worth going ahead with it.


What exactly do you mean by web design? If you haven’t already, it would be good to get into code—certainly HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Basically expand your skills as much as you can. With JS, you could start to work on simple apps, maybe move into the ebook arena etc, as there’s a lot happening there … Just a few thoughts. :slight_smile:

already know css and html, would like to get more into code jquery, cms - wordpress, responsive design for mobile devices, need a way to learn these easily, getting on a bit, by this I mean age:)

There’s a huge amount of info online about all these, and there are lots of good books, too. Step by step, follow your interest, and you will fill in the blanks.

getting on a bit, by this I mean age

I’m lad you clarified. :slight_smile:

I think that any learning has to be driven by interest. Take a project that interests you, and apply a new technology to it. You mention that you know html and css, but not jQuery/js - you could start by adding some progressive enhancement to your pages. Think of things that could make them more usable for users with JS, and knock yourself out.

You don’t mention a server side language in your posts. In order to really get down with cms, it is worthwhile knowing at least one. PHP is probably the most documented and has the widest user base, so it would be a good start - although there are many other options. It is worth taking a look at both Ruby and Django (which is technically a framework built on Python). Again, I would look at applying it to something you are working on, or an idea you have, rather than simply have the task of learning it be your end point to keep it interesting.

Age is no barrier - best of luck :smiley: