Some feedback on my Todo list app design

I’m designing a todo list with extra features to start a portfolio, but I need some feedback on it.
The extra features are infinite recursion on child tasks, and the ability to attach documents to each task or subtask.

This is what I have done. The first two screens are for a task with no children. It can be marked as completed/uncompleted by clicking on the checkbox on the title bar. On the first image is marked as completed, while in the second one is not. Also, in the second one it has 4 documents attached.

The third image is from a task with 4 subtasks. The title bar checkbox disappear and its completion state depends directly on its children completion state. (In this case 3 of its children are uncompleted, while one of them is 33% completed, so the parent task status is 8% completed)

On the fourth image, two more child subtasks are marked as completed so the parent task completion state updates to 58%, and on the last image, all children are completed so the task is marked as completed too.

So, is the design clear on the functionality? Do the colors I have chosen make a good combination? Is the font size and family adequate?

Thanks in advance.

Quick thoughts:

  • Colors are a bit bright for current design trends. Muting the blue and yellow would help usability.
  • Header size is a bit large - maybe 10% too large
  • The text for the icons and the % complete on the subtasks are impossible to read. You could probably ditch the text for the attachments, but I’d suggest figuring out a different display for the sub task percentage.
  • Sub-task font color could use a bump up in contrast. It looks pretty but over time, it would get tiring on the eyes.
  • what happens if an attachment should be attached to a sub-task instead of the overall task?

Font size is hard to judge. On the blown up screen shots it looks OK. But it looks like the display there is roughly 7"x 4" tall. Most of the larger phones are checking in with less than 6" x 3" of usable screen size (I’ve got a OnePlus 7T, one of the bigger phones and it checks in at 6" x 2.5").

If I shrink your screen shots to a size appropriate to my phone, the font sizes for the descriptions are starting to get smaller than is comfortable. What you could do is reduce the titles to the same as the descriptions and just emphasizing them. This would allow you to increase font size overall.

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Thank you very much, this is really helpful, I’ll implement it and see how it looks.

Answering your subtask attachment question, when you click on any subtask, it will show that subtask page, with exactly the same design, but with that subtask data (title, description, etc), and there you can edit it to add attachments (on the top right menu), and even add sub-subtasks to it. That’s what I mean with infinite recursion, you can go down as many levels as you want.

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