Some crazy bug


I have the Object $xml. It has the simplexml Obj $xml::xml. The “reproduce code” lines stop my apache2 for this one script. Firefox does not load the page, konqueror says that “Connction to localhost ist broken” and IE displas a site which says “technical problems”.

Reproduce code:

// $xml->xml->news->text
/* $xml->xml->news->text */
# $xml->xml->news->text

Expected result:

Nothing, it's only a comment to remember how ot worked before

Actual result:

Firefox does not load the page, konqueror says connection broken and IE displays a "technical error" page.

Welcome to SitePoint.

SitePoint is not the place to file PHP bugs, despite having some of the brightest minds visiting/contributing from time to time. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to file a bug report, you can do it here.

For what’s worth though, the code you posted does not crash here. Increase your error reporting and try again.

ini_set('display_errors', true);

// $xml->xml->news->text
/* $xml->xml->news->text */
# $xml->xml->news->text

echo 'Hello World';

This is not reproduce code; it is three lines of plain text (i.e. not even PHP comments). Reproduce code should be a concise, clear, standalone script which we can copy/paste and see the error happening (or not happening).